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  • Examples of Prices for Product Stickers
    All prices are plus vat with FREE delivery.
    Size in mm 50pcs 100 500 1000
    50x25 £40.00 £40.00 £87.00 £116.00
    100x50 £40.00 £41.00 £116.00 £166.00
    150x100 £60.00 £90.00 £227.00 £400.50

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    Returns Policy
    . We always send you exact proofs of your stickers, with your actual artwork printed before we commence the print run.
    Therefore, we can only accept returns within 14 days if they are wrong, eg wrong size or matt instead of gloss etc.
    Your stickers do not exist yet, so we can only show how they might look.

  • Designs of Business Stickers  

    Sheets or Singles

  • Vinyl Product Stickers

    Our premium, near photographic quality, custom product stickers are designed to be applied on glass, acrylic, metals. and gloss paintwork etc.
    Our water resistant stickers offer the best high quality, personalised custom vinyl product stickers, in spot and full colour, gloss and matt, 100 microns thick.
    They are a brilliant white, self adhesive vinyl sticker, which we guarantee against severe colour fading and adhesive failure for 5 years, when applied to clean recommended surfaces such as acrylic, glass, metals, polythene, paper, cardboard and gloss paintwork and varnish etc.


  • Whether you order custom stickers online or by phone, we don't start the print job until you are satisfied with the printed proofs that we send to you in the post which you can try on your product or application etc.

    When you are satisfied, just click the 'Proof Approval' button in the dropdown menu at the top of the home page.

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