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  • Examples of Sticker Designs

    Sheets or Singles

  • Custom Waterproof Stickers,

    Water Resistant Stickers.

    remium, custom waterproof stickers for business are designed to be applied to surfaces that will be in the harshest outdoor environment. 


  • These water resistant stickers are a brilliant white, self adhesive vinyl sticker, which we guarantee against severe colour fading and adhesive failure for 5 years, when applied to clean smooth surfaces such as acrylic, glass, metal and gloss paintwork etc.

  • We have tested our custom waterproof stickers by applying them to a dinner plate, inserting in to the home dishwasher and running for 25 cycles with the normal household pots, pans and dishes. There was little noticeable deterioration of adhesion or colour.

  • When you order stickers, we don't start the print job until you are satisfied with the printed proofs that we send to you in the post, which you can try on your product or application.
    When you are satisfied, just click the 'Proof Approval' button in the dropdown menu at the top of the home page.

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